Maranatha Christian Center

is an independent Christian church with a vision for taking the gospel to villages, towns, and cities of the country of Tanzania, as well as all over the world. This church spreads the gospel through many different ministries.

Church Information


Maranatha Christian Church includes the main church in Arusha, Maranatha Christian Center, and the eight (8) branch churches: Kidemunge, Kidemunge-sub branch, Boma Ya Ngombe, Kikavu, Mwanza, Usariver, Oljoro and Dares Salaam. Two new branch churches will be planted soon; one in Singinda, a town in the central part of Tanzania and in Dodoma. Founding and Senior pastor, Eric Mukwenda, oversees all churches. Maranatha Christian Center has many ministries and outreaches (see links). Maranatha Christian Center Churches are supported by Arusha Maranatha World Outreach, a missions organization based in Dallas, Texas. Arusha Maranatha World Outreach was formed with the aim of furthering missions work in Tanzania East Africa. The main thrusts are: a Christian school for underprivileged children, planting branch churches, water well projects, and other ministries all with the focus of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Bigger church building
  • PA systems for evangelism.
  • Four wheel drive vehicle for evangelism and use by pastor for traveling to branch churches. (Many roads in villages are almost impassible during rainy season).
  • Fund to expand church land ($20,000).
  • Funds for evangelism print posters, travel expenses etc.
  • Musical instruments like guitars, music keyboard, speakers etc.
  • Crusade Funds. ($2,000 for each big crusade).


Although you can trace the history of this church few years before, it officially became Maranatha Christian Center in 1990. The church met in a public school classroom until 1995 when it moved to its own property.

About Tanzania


  • The United Republic of Tanzania, in eastern Africa, was formed on April 26, 1964 by the merger of Tanganyika, formerly a British United Nations trust territory, and Zanzibar, Pemba Islands.
  • Tanzania is bounded on the north by Kenya and Uganda, on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the south by Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, and on the west by Zaire, Burundi and Rwanda.
  • The area of Tanzania is 945,087 square kilometers (354,900 square miles).
  • Population is presently estimated at 33 million.
  • There are about 120 tribes in the nation.
  • Swahili and English are the official languages of Tanzania, but many people continue to use the language of their ethnic group.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, is located in Tanzania.
  • Three of the Great Lakes of Africa are in Tanzania: Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victory and Lake Nyasa.
  • The Tanzania shilling is the unit of currency. Approximately 1000 Tanzania shillings equal one U.S. dollar.
  • Serengeti and Ngorongorgo Crater are wild animal parks in Tanzania where tourists often go for safaris.

Church Ministries


This is a ministry for all youth who turn to Christ and become part of Maranatha Christian Center. Youth are taught the Word of God to help them grow in Christ. They are also taught different life issue concerning young people, and are encouraged to involve themselves in the different ministries such as street and door-to-door evangelism. The emphasis is to touch unreached groups of youth.


This ministry helps to teach the Word of God to women. They are taught many different things concerning women, as well as family healthcare, needlework, tailoring, cooking, etc. This enables the women to be equipped in different skills so they can be able to supplement their families. Given that most of the families earn lower incomes. This is a tremendous help.


This is a ministry which teaches the Word of God to children of Maranatha. For non-members, it is also a great ministry as it plants the Word of God into children and helps to raise them in the ways of God. Also, through this ministry, we conduct children’s crusades.


This ministry encourages and teaches men the Word of God, as well as different life issues. It also unites men for fellowship together. It encourages them to be involved in the ministry. They are encouraged and taught to take their position and assume their responsibilities in their homes and in church.


In this ministry, single parents are encouraged in their spiritual and daily life, especially in raising their children as a single parent.


Maranatha Christian Center conducts seminars and revivals for the aim of strengthening the body of Christ. We invite speakers from Tanzania and other parts of Africa, as well as from the United States of America. We also conduct special seminars for men, women, youth, married couples and singles.


We have three choirs who minister in our services and crusades. We also have a Christian band which ministers in our services and crusades, in the branch churches' crusades as well other church crusades by invitation.

Branch Churches


The Maasai tribe is a nomadic people. Most of the Maasai have not been reached by the gospel. Although Maasai can be found in other parts of Tanzania, most of them are in Arusha, Manyara regional in Northern part of Tanzania. The Maasai tribe is tradional and they still worship gods. Maasai men marry many wives. Most of the areas they live are dry no clean water. Women have to walk many miles to get water, some use dams which they share with their animals like cows etc. Through our branch church in Kidemunge, we reach the Maasai village in the area with the gospel. We are believing God for funds to drill a water well at our Kidemunge church for church use, as well to serve the villagers near by. We trust that providing water will be a bridge builder for us to reach them with the gospel. Also Kidemunge church needs a parsonage as there are no houses to rent in the area for the pastor. Now the pastor stays in a small room meant for church office. As well, this church needs funds to finish its church building. Before having any kind of a building, they conducted their services outside under a tree. The rain and sun did not stop any services.


This church is Kikavu village, Hai district, Kilimanjaro regional. This village is surrounded by a big sugar cane plantation allowing us to reach people from different tribes who come to work there. The village is in darkness as some people there practise witchcraft. Needs for this church: Megaphone speakers for evangelism. Parsonage


This church is located in Hai district, Kilimanjaro regional. This church reaches people in this small growing town which is predominantly Moslem. Needs for this church: Funds to build church building $10,000 Megaphone speakers for evangelism


This church was planted in 2002. The Mwanza population is estimated to be about two million people. It is a business center for North Western regional of our country, along Lake Victoria, the largest Lake in Africa. It is our vision when this church grows to use it as a base to reach those Regionals in that part of our country. Now we are renting a building for church services. The owner is ready to sell the building to us once we get the money ($50,000).


This church was planted in 2005. Dares Salaam is the largest city in the country, with four million people, half are Moslem. Please pray for the need for the land, and church building. Pray for Pastor John and his needs. John Nengala Pastor, Evangelist John Nengala was born in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. In 1995, at the age of seventeen, he got saved and baptized with the Holy Spirit. Since that time, he has had the calling of the Lord to preach the Gospel. In 2001, he completed Advanced Level schooling (more than high school in USA). Afterwards, he had intended to go to University to study Computer Science. However, the Lord had other plans. God showed John that during this time, He wanted to use John to take his Name to every nation. Since then, John has been working with Pastor Eric Mukwenda as a Cell Group Leader and playing bass guitar in the church band. John has also had the privilege of preaching in the branch churches as well as in open-air crusades and street evangelism. John's passion is to take the Gospel to all the nations by conducting crusades and seminars, as well as helping to plant churches. In 2003, John attended a one-year mentorship program at Immanuel’s Church in Silver Spring, MD, USA.


This church is the newest planted church in a small town 20km from Arusha city. Planted in 2007 in the growing capitalof Arumeru district, this church is strategic to reaching the surronding villages. Pray for the pastor and needed church building.


This church is a plant for an outreach to the Maasai. Recently, one of team members was touched in his heart to help with construction of church building at KIA branch church in the Meru area. The church was using an old tent for services. Now a new building is already started and is being used while construction is continuing. Please pray as more churches need buildings.


This church in Manyara regional was using a temporary building. One of the team members pledged to help with construction of a church building and the construction is going on.


We have a tailoring school, which helps train young girls who cannot afford to go on to secondary education. By getting tailoring skills they can become self-employed to earn a living. Other women are trained to help them assist in their family income as most of them are from low or middle class families. NEEDS OF THE TAILORING CHOOL: More sewing machines, Permanent classrooms, Money for Teachers salaries.


Rev. Eric J. Mukwenda Senior Pastor, Maranatha Christian Center and overseer of Maranatha Christian Center churches. Eric Mukwenda was born in Dar-Es-Salaam City, Tanzania, East Africa. Among 120 tribes of Tanzania, Eric’s tribe is Haya in Bukoba area in Kagera region near Lake Victoria, north Western part of Tanzania. Eric received Christ as his personal savior (born again) after rejecting the "good news" for a long time. As a youth he lived in worldly life away from the Lord. Eric attended a student’s Christian conference in Dodoma where he received a prophecy given by two women, that he had to be born again and that God had a plan to use him for ministry. Eric rejected what he was told and said, "I have no need for God to use me." As he was on the train from conference to Dar-es-Salaam, he had a vision where he saw many people surrounding him telling him he must be saved (born again). In the morning, a Voice continued to speak in his heart. When he got home, he began to preach to his relatives and confessed that there is salvation in Jesus Christ. He went to believers who led him in prayer of repentance. And it was interesting when he reached Tanga region, where he was studying. He found a letter from those women who gave him a prophecy in the Dodoma. The letter was saying that, "we know by now, that you have accepted the Lord".
He was zealous for the Lord from the first day of his salvation. Eric started to sense God’s calling in his life just a few months after he was saved. In 1984 God spoke to him in his heart through Isaiah 41:8-16. After that he experienced God speaking to him about his calling, through visions and an audible voice. He received confirmation from other servants of God, believers that were sent to him by God to tell him about entering a full time ministry. In 1986 Eric sensed God speaking to him about entering full time ministry. This was a time of struggle in his heart as he was supposed to attend a college, but now came this direction to go to full time ministry. After much struggle, he said to God, "I am going to go to college". While I am there confirm to me if it is time for full time ministry. I will quit college and go into ministry. When he arrived at the college of Co-operative Studies and Development, he had no peace in his heart. He felt empty inside. There was a Christian woman at college who did not know anything about Eric. She prophesied to Eric at one of the prayer meetings saying that the Lord says, "You are running away from His calling." Eric trembled. He decided to obey the Lord. He did not need any more confirmation. Eric began full time ministry in September of 1986 as an itinerary evangelist. He preached gospel crusades in different parts of Tanzania. He became an assistant pastor in 1987. After being examined and found qualified, he was ordained on September 21, 1988. In 1990, he founded Maranatha Christian Center with 20 to 25 people and it has now grown to over 400 people, with several branch churches, different ministries, and a Christian school. Pastor Eric, apart form pastoring, preaches in regular services and conducts seminars and revival in churches in Tanzania. He travels to preach in gospel crusades in different parts of Tanzania. He has traveled to minister in Kenya and the United States of America. And Canada. In 1984, he received a vision from the Lord about going to different nations to minister. Pastor Eric was married to Elisikia in July 21 1989. The Lord gave them three precious children: Deborah, Miriam, and Samuel. In 1998, Eric and Elisikia adopted Eric's cousin, Abraham. Pastor says he needs your prayer and your support so that we can see the vision of God’s calling fulfilled in the Glory and Power of the Holy Spirit. Always remember to pray for Pastor Eric; he enjoys doing whatever God has called him to do.

Maranatha Mission School

Maranatha Mission School

is a Christian school owned and run by Maranatha Christian Church in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. This school was born out of a burden and vision in the heart of Pastor Eric Mukwenda, Senior Pastor of Maranatha Christian Center. He had a burning desire to see children from low and middle-income families be able to get a good, affordable English language education. The Tanzania education system is conducted in Swahili in the seven years of primary school. Suddenly, when they enter secondary education they are expected to learn in English, which is difficult since they have only had introduction to English as a subject rather than a main language of instruction. Some years back our government allowed individuals or institutions to start Private Primary Schools, which are mostly run with English instruction. Those schools are very expensive and would be impossible for children from low-income or middle class families to attend. For almost five years, Pastor Eric prayed and believed God to help him and Maranatha Christian Center to start an English medium school. Praise the Lord! In August 2000, some friends from Canada who heard about the vision were touched and burdened to help fulfill our vision. Our church members teamed up with our Canadian brothers and sisters to build the school. We are also grateful to our other friends, specifically a couple from Ottawa who supported the purchase of the initial piece of land. Also, Immanuel’s Church in the USA helped us purchase another piece of land for expansion. On January 8, 2001, the Maranatha Mission School started with 60 kids. More children applied than we had room for and we had to turn at least 70 of them away. In addition to academic education, we are able to instruct in the ways of the Lord. Though, this is a Christian school, all religions are accepted. Presently, we have students of many different religions, including Moslems. We are also grateful to friends and churches who have supported us to buy additional lands for school expansion after we started.